Are You Our Next Author?


If you are an author and/or scholar, we invite you to learn more about the mission, scope, and publishing approach of Palaver and Ethica Projects (more information will be coming soon to this website) and consider becoming a part of our community. We value well-intentioned and quality projects that increase discourse within and across borders, encourage deep exploration, and generate multicultural perspectives, understanding, and cooperation.

Submissions and Expressions of Interest

Palaver invites initial expressions of interest (500 to 1,000 or so words), which may be sent to Leigh E. Rich,  editor in chief, outlining the project in general. If we find the basic ideas attractive, we will ask for a more detailed proposal, which will then be sent out for review by people with expertise in the project’s subject area. Completed manuscripts will be reviewed by several experts in the field, who will decide whether to recommend publication, what revisions or changes are required, etc. 

We are keen to hear from individuals and organizations who might have ideas for books or series. We welcome formal proposals for short and mid-length monographs (30,000–60,000 words), short books, pamphlets, or other innovative projects. We are keen to see proposals that would ordinarily not be considered by traditional academic publishers, either because of their innovative character or because of their seeming lack of commercial potential.

We welcome you to contact us. Additional resources will be coming soon.

Resources for Authors (coming soon ...)