‘Apollonia’ author inspires the film ‘The Charnel House’

Christopher Leppek (left) and Emanuel Isler

Christopher Leppek (left) and Emanuel Isler

Christopher Leppek, author of the Civil War romantic adventure Apollonia (to be published by Palaver in October 2015), is no stranger to either the fantastical or the macabre. Although grounded in history, even to the smallest details, and touching upon American life in 1864 from Michigan to Georgia, Apollonia offers modern readers a few inexplicable twists that both intrigue and pull at the heartstrings.

Leppek, however, is also known to have a dark side. Along with co-conspirator Emanuel Isler, he is the author of two thriller novels, Chaosicon and Abattoir, and several short stories that range from the ghostly to the horrific. 

Jumping from page to screen, the two will be credited as the inspiration for the upcoming film The Charnel House, currently in development by Siegal Entertainment.

Most of the shooting for the film, directed by Craig Moss, was completed in June on location in Cleveland. 

The movie, which will star Nadine Velazquez, Callum Blue, and Kate Linder, is slated for theatrical release in May 2016.