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Just out. "German Lessons" a novel by Kieran Donaghue


Palaver is pleased to announce that a new novel German Lessons by Kieran Donaghue is out now.

German Lessons is an historical fiction novel set in pre-WW2 Germany. It follows the story of Frank, an Australian university student studying abroad in 1932. Author, Kieran Donaghue, brings an important and unique perspective to this turbulent time in Germany’s history by exploring the role of the Catholic Church and its different attitudes and beliefs at this time. At a formative time in his life, Frank tries to find his way amongst the confusion of different attitudes, beliefs, and responses to events of the people and institutions in his temporary home. German Lessons is a thought provoking and informative novel with an important message about National Socialism’s ability to gain its power by releasing the violence of very young men.